Family Tributes to Tim


It’s hard to imagine what this world would look like without my brother. He taught me so much about life and living. I’m not sure I was ready yet to learn about dying. Tim, we miss you and can’t wait to be with you again.

Paul Bresenden

We will miss this incredible father, brother, husband, and man of God. We find peace knowing dear Tim is with Jesus.

Ashley Bresenden

My heart was torn apart today. my brother Tim ended his journey on earth this afternoon.
This marked the end of his long battle with brain cancer.
My only solace is that he is no longer in pain, anguish, or confusion.
I am comforted by the fact that he was surrounded by his family and friends,
and that we were able to hold him and tell him we loved him
up to the moment of his last breath.
Tim will be immensely missed, and never forgotten.
I am so grateful for the time we’ve shared together,
and the precious gift that his life was to me, and to all of the many people his life touched.
I am and will be in deep grief for a long time.
I don’t have words to really describe what I’m feeling,
and the incredible loss that my family feels.
Tim was a devoted husband and an amazing father to his three children,
and he leaves a void that will only deepen with the days to come.
Many sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who gave their prayers,
support, love, attention, and compassion on this long journey.
As Tim said several times, “what a long, strange trip it’s been”.
He didn’t choose his fate, nor could we understand it,
and nevertheless he lived his life with compassion, dignity,
grace, and humor that I am just beginning to understand.
Tim, I love you brother.
I endeavor to live my life as a reflection of those many lessons you’ve taught me.
May you rest in peace.

Samuel Bresenden